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1. The owner of Contented Ewe Home Inspections, Cliff Steelman, has over 20 years experience in the building trades. In July, 1996, he went to Connecticut to attend the Home Inspection Training Program offered by the most recognized home inspection school in the United States. He is a graduate of the Home Inspection Institute of America, Inc., Wallingford, Connecticut.

2. As a professional home inspector, Cliff is trained as a generalist to examine the major components of a home and to evaluate them based on the expectations of the purchaser.

3. Cliff, as a professional home inspector, does an objective examination of the home and is not subject to the stress, excitement and anxiety which often distracts the purchaser trying to evaluate a prospective new home.

4. As a professional home inspector, Cliff looks for conditions of which the home purchaser may not be aware and can provide cost estimates of many repairs, if requested.

5. Annually, Cliff submits copies of his work to the Home Inspection Institute of America, Inc. for review and critique. His work must demonstrate adherence to the strict ethics and standards of the Institute in order for his certification to be renewed.

Professionals certified by:
Cliff Steelman:
Home Inspection Institute of America, Inc.

Institute Certified Home Inspector
Washington Liscensed Pest Inspector

# 960822.1
# 58944
Wallingford, Connecticut